Chemical Products

ASK – Windscreen Adhesives, Windscreen Repair Set ,Bonding, Sealing, Double-sided Tapes, Soundproof, Panels, Fillers, Paints, Marker Colour, Lubricants, Cleaning, Additives, Brake Fluids, Accessories, Sanitary Products, Technical Chemistry, Base Coats, Body Protection, Underbody, Cavity Protection, Vehicle Care Products
Chemical Products for Construction

Sealants, Adhesives, Wood-Float, Glue, Cleaner, Foams, Stairs Glue, Quick Cement, Foamwork Release Oil, Cold Glue, Road Construction Products, Boiler, Burner Cleaner, Contrast Agent, Wood Cement, Winter Season Chemicals, Greasing, Primers, coatings, fillers, Spray primer, system primer, Dispenser

Drilling, Milling, Tapping and Threading

Metal Drilling, Metal Core Drill, Tube & Sheet Taper Drill, Step Drill, Countersink, Deburring Tools, Tap and Die Sets and Tools, Carbide Coated Burrs, Drill Rig Accessories, Wood Drilling, Stone Drilling
Holesaw, Bit Crowns, Stone Chisel, Tile Drills, Centre Drills, Threaded Inserts / Bushes
Cutting, Sanding, Sawing and Cutting/Grinding Discs

Cutting and Grinding Discs, Dry Abrasive Paper, Grinding Blocks, Abrasive Belts, Abrasive Block Sponges, Fleece Backing Pads, Flap Fans, Abrasive Bands, GSV-Grinding Media System with Quick Release Screw, Grinding Pencils and Caps, Wire Brushes, Hand Wire Brushes, Hub Grinders, Abrasive Nylon Fleece, Polishing Accessories, Body Saw Blades, Professional Hacksaws, HSS-Bi-Metal Cutter, Holesaw, Carbide Holesaw, Reversing Blades, Diamond cutting discs, Diamond cup grindings discs, Diamond milling discs
Soldering, Welding

Filling Solder, Soldering, Induction warmer, Welding Machines, Welding Wires and Rods, Electrodes, Accessories, Welding and Cutting Set, Welding – Protective Clothing, Plasma Cutting Machines, Accessories for Staining Devices, Karosserie-Bearbeitungsgeräte
DIN, Standard Parts, Screws and Bolts

Wood Screws, Dowels, Sheet, Drilling, Facade Screws, Screws, Mounting Elements for Construction, Screws for Drywall and Window Construction, Nuts, DIN Packages, Washers, Rings, Other Fixing Elements, Rivets, Rivet Tools, Hose Clamps

Fixing Technology

Universal Plugs, Impact Anchors, Frame Anchors, Lightweight Concrete Screws, Befestigungen in Wärmedämmung, Insulation and Scaffolding Fixings, Frame Anchor Metal, Cavity Fixings, Heavy-duty Fixings, Composite Anchor, Injection Mortar FIT, Gerüstschrauben, Accessories
Diamond tools

Diamond technical wheels, DIAMAX dry and wet cutting diamond discs, PREMIUM dry and wet cutting diamond discs, STANDARD dry and wet cutting diamond discs, PREMIUM dry and wet cutting diamond discs, Wet cutting diamond discs, Stone, asphalt cutting, Diamond grinding discs, Diamond dry and wet cutting discs, Tile cutting, Diamond point cutting discs, Diamond tips, Crowns, Diamond cutters, Cutting machines
Building Services

SML Joining Technique, Mounting Rail System and Accessory, Panels, Sliding and Shifting Catch
Profiled Sheeting Fixture, Ventilation Assembly, Base / Assembly Plates, Connection and Construction, Elements, Solar Fixtures, Pipe Marking System, FÖRCH FORLEN Pipe Insulation/Lagging, Perf. Tapes, Mounting Clamps, Countersunk Nails, Sealing Material, Soldering Material, Sound-proofing Profiles for Sanitary Ware, Installation Accessory, Fire Protection, Smoke Detectors, STRUT, Device Connecting Valves, Sanitary Valves & Accessories
Insulation of Roof, Wall, Facades

Rollfirst, Eaves Rolls, Ventilation Systems, Fasteners, Adhesive Tapes for Roof Connections, Roof Sheets, Underlay Membranes, Damp Brakes, Brads, Nails, Wood Connectors, Holzbauschrauben, Tackers, Staplers, Dry Construction, Interior Plastering Profiles, Exterior Plaster Profiles, Profiles for ETICS, Fabric Corner Angle for ETICS, Reinforcement Fabrics, Plaster Application, Masks, Adhesive Tapes, Formwork / Masonry Construction

Electrics, Electronics

Electro Installation, Luminaires, Illuminants, Cable Ties, Fastenings, Cables, Cable Connectors, Multiple Plug Housings, Insulating Tapes, Grommets, Sealing Plugs, Electric Tools, Automotive Fuses, Switches, Battery Accessories, Multifunctional, Voltage Tester, Automotive Lamps and Bulbs, Plugs and Sockets, Grommets, Sealing Plugs
Vehicle Products

Numberplate Holder, Fixing Parts, Workshop Organization, Rubber Boots, Exhaust Clamps, Oil Change Valve Screws, Wiper Blades, Fuel Line Repair Kit, Hose Connections, Brake Lines and Accessories, Warning Contacts for Brake Pads, Balance Weights, Vehicle and Transporter valves, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), Tyre and Wheel Assembly, Tyre Repair Kit, Mounting Parts

Chemicals, Vehicle Cleaning, Securing of Load, Hebetechnik, Accessories for Tarpaulin and Repair, Tyre and Wheel Assembly, Wiper Blades, Tachograph Discs, Thermopaper Rolls, Starter Cables, Battery Charger, Mirror, Rear Reflectors, Lamps, Plugs and Sockets, Cables, Markers, Protective Equipment, Compressed-air Lines and Accessories, Ladders, Truckline Special Tools, Impact Wrenches, Core Drilling Machines, Tellerhörner
Workshop Supplies, Workshop Equipment, Work Protection

Cleaning Products, Batteries, Lamps, Extension Cables and Accessories, Pack Accessories, Adhesive, Tapes/Protective Foils, Painting Accessories, Protective Foils, Warning Signs and Clothes, First-Aid-Kits, Tool Bags and Professional Tool Kits, Fall Arrest Systems, Ladders, Jack, Washing Devices and Oil, Extractors, Hand Pumps, Measuring Cans, Funnels, Exhaust Gas Extraction, Brake Bleeding Devices, Gearbox Lifter, Hydraulic Press, Cranes, Headlamp, Air Conditioning Service, Nutzfahrzeug-Gerüste

Hand Tools

Socket Wrench Systems, Torque Wrench, Tyre and Wheel Assembly, Double-End Ring Spanners, Combination, Wrench, Screwdrivers, Bits, Pliers, Sheet Scissors, Pipe Cutter, Knives, Files, Impact Tools, Hammers, Chisels, Axes, Measurement and Testing Tools, Automotive Special Tools, Construction Tools, Pipe Machining, Sanitary Tools, Tool Sets
Electronic Tools

Hammer and Impact Drills, Sheet-metal Shears, Impact Wrench, Wall Chasers, Stirrers, Grinding Machines, Vacuum Cleaner, Heat Guns, Detachment Tools, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, Diamond core drilling technology, electrical machines, accessories, Motorised angle grinder, Measurement Technology, Messtechnik-Zubehör, Pressen
Pneumatic Tools

Impact Wrench, Torque Wrench, Drilling Machines, Grinding and Polishing Machines, Decal Eraser, Chisel Hammer, Sheet-Metal Saw, Welding Spot Cutter, Paint Guns, Blow Guns, Measurement Devices for Tyres, Compressed-air Fittings, Compressed-air Hoses, Retractor Drums, Spiral Hose, Compressed-air Pipe Systems, Compressed-air Pipes, Compressors, Staplers, Nailers, Compressed-air Accessories
VARO-Ράφι και Συστήματα Αποθήκευσης, Εργαλειοφόρος, Ποικιλίες

VARO ράφια, Συστήματα αποθήκευσης, Κασετίνες με βάση, Πλάτες στήριξης εργαλείων, Ράφια με κουτιά αποθήκευσης, Κουτιά αποθήκευσης, Φοριαμοί, Σετ εργαλείων, Πάγκοι εργασίας, Μόρσες, Συστήματα αποθήκευσης βαρελιών, Ξαπλώστρες, Βάσεις εργαλείων, VAROBOXX για αξεσουάρ, VAROBOXX για συλλογές, VAROiBOXX Θήκες, VAROiBOXX για συλλογές, Μονάδα συσκευής VAROMOBIL, VAROMOBIL Αξεσουάρ, VAROMOVE

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